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Homemade iced latte garnished with rose petals

Maple Rose Iced Latte

 Iced coffee and roses are synonymous with summer. This delicious latte is cold-brewed with refreshing maple water and garnished with edible organic rose petals. Pretty fancy for a latte. What is Maple Water? Maple water is made from the unprocessed sap of the maple tree. Maple trees pull groundwater from the soil up through their …

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DIY rose petal bath bombs surrounded by rose petals

DIY Rose Petal Vanilla Bath Bombs

These fragrant, all-natural DIY rose bath bombs are made with vanilla essential oil, coconut oil and organic rose petals. Not only are these bath bombs beautiful to look at, but they’re also free of chemicals, synthetic dyes and other toxic ingredients. Read on to learn how to make these lovely, skin-softening homemade bath bombs!   …

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