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IKEA Hack: DIY Fuzzy Stool (Without the Outrageously High Price)

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DIY fuzzy stool styled underneath IKEA dressing table

Fuzzy stools are still everywhere. They’re definitely a trendy statement piece and if Pinterest is any indication, they’re pretty much the ‘Moroccan pouf’ of glam decor.

Okay, admittedly we succumbed to the Moroccan pouf trend too.

Unfortunately, the price points of faux fur fuzzy stools (or Mongolian wool stools) are fairly high. For instance, this gorgeous CB2 sheepskin stool is $349.00 USD or $499.99 CAD. Yikes.

Anyway, we thought a fuzzy stool might work under Kyla’s small vanity table but since the real version wasn’t in her budget, and she couldn’t justify spending that much on a trendy item, we opted to go the DIY route. However, we can’t take any credit for this ingenious hack! This blogger was likely one of the first fuzzy stool DIY originators.

Anyway, here’s our version with a few tweaks.

The finished product: DIY fuzzy faux fur stool

A DIY Fuzzy Stool Without the Outrageously High Price

How to create a trendy, faux sheepskin fuzzy stool without the high price tag.
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time2 hrs
Total Time2 hrs 30 mins
Course: DIY Home Decor
Cuisine: DIY Projects
Servings: 1 stool
Author: Kim & Kyla @ A Life Adjacent

What You'll Need


Total cost: under $40 CAD! Even less if you’re talking USD.

Materials for DIY fuzzy stool: IKEA stool with pillow and fuzzy faux sheepskin rug

Gather your supplies and let’s get started.


Assemble the MARIUS stool. You can also spray paint the legs of your stool gold using metallic spray paint, but for this project, we opted to go the easier route and leave the legs white.

Glue the BERTIL chair pad to the top of your stool using the fabric glue (or your glue gun and glue sticks).

Materials for DIY fuzzy stool: fabric glue and safety pins pictured on top of stool

Glue the TRÄDASTER pillow to the chair pad. You can skip this step if you want less cushioning, but since this stool is being used under a dressing table, we opted for a bit more padding for comfort.

Pillow and chair pad pictured on top of stool

Place your stool upside down and center it on the back of the TEJN faux sheepskin rug. Fold over the outer edges of the rug, and then fold each end towards the center.

Faux sheepskin being wrapped around seat of stool, on top of pillow and chair pad

After you have created a pleasant shape, use approximately 10 large safety pins to anchor the rug securely in place. You can also use an upholstery stapler if you happen to have one lying around.

Faux sheepskin wrapped around and secured in place on stool

It really is that simple! The stool looks chic under a vanity table but would be cute in a little girls room as well. We would love to see your finished project if you’ve tried our hack (or another version) so feel free to link your photos in the comments below.

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DIY fuzzy stool IKEA Hack

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