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Rose Petal Vinegar for Skin, Hair, and Scalp Health

Learn how to make your own fragrant rose petal infused vinegar. This natural remedy has a variety of therapeutic uses for skin, hair, and scalp health, and adds a gorgeous colour to your homemade DIY creations. Use it to make toner, face mist, hair products, soothing spray, tonics & more.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time14 d
Total Time14 d 5 mins
Course: DIY Body Care, DIY Hair Care, DIY Skin Care
Cuisine: DIY Products, Herbal Infusions
Servings: 1 bottle
Author: Kyla @ A Life Adjacent



  • To begin, thoroughly clean and sterilize all your tools with your preferred method. Even though the low pH of vinegar discourages pathogenic bacterial growth, this is still a good precaution.
    Empty sterilized glass mason jar
  • Once your tools are dry and clean, fill your jar with rose petals. There is no correct amount to use. The more rose petals you use, the stronger your infusion will be.
    Glass jar full of dried rose petals
  • Once you have filled your jar to your heart’s content, pour in enough vinegar to cover the petals.
    Pouring vinegar into jar full of dried rose petals
  • Pack your petals down with your wooden spoon until the vinegar covers them. Crushing the petals will help hasten the infusion process.
    Wooden spoon pushing rose petals into glass jar
  • If after this step there is more room in your jar, add more rose petals and repeat.
    Jar of rose petal vinegar with pink roses
  • After you’ve filled your jar to the top, close it with your lid (and barrier, if you're using a metal lid).
    Glass jar infusing a batch of rose petal vinegar
  • Place your jar in a dark area and let your vinegar infuse as long as desired, preferably for at least 2 weeks (see my notes on this above). Shake gently every couple of days to disperse the liquid and ensure a potent infusion.
  • Once your vinegar has been infused, strain it and transfer it to your dark glass receptacle. I used this handy funnel with a detachable strainer to expedite the process.
    Straining the rose petal vinegar into a glass bottle with steel funnel
  • Store your vinegar (and any products you create with it) in a cool, dark place.


This recipe will yield one small bottle of rose petal vinegar. You will need to fill two large Mason jars to fill a large bottle like this one.