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DIY chocolate rose room spray with essential oils
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Chocolate & Roses DIY Room Spray for Valentine's Day

Capture the romantic scent of roses and chocolate in a bottle with this non-toxic and all-natural homemade room spray! The combination of cacao absolute and rose essential oil is equal parts delicious and intoxicating.
Cook Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Servings: 1 bottle
Author: Kim & Kyla @ A Life Adjacent





  • In a mason jar, combine the vodka with the cacao absolute and rose essential oil (or rose absolute). Add the solubilizer, if desired.
  • Place the lid on your mason jar and shake the mixture vigorously.
  • Remember to shake your room spray prior to spritzing it, so that the rose essential oil remains distributed in the liquid. However, if you used rose absolute or included the solubilizer, no shaking is required.


If skipping the solubilizer, it’s important to add the distilled water only AFTER shaking the oils into the vodka, and not before. Cacao absolute will dissolve into vodka, but rose essential oil will not distribute into water on its own. However, if you mix your essential oil into the vodka first, it will combine more efficiently. Note: if using rose absolute, the solubilizer is not required.
Please don’t store your room spray in a plastic bottle. We recommend choosing a dark coloured glass bottle (such as the amber bottle pictured in this post). The dark colour will prevent UV rays from breaking down the essential oils in the spray. If you use a plastic bottle, the essential oils can slowly erode the bottle, causing the chemicals in the bottle to leak into your product.
Warning: proceed with caution when it comes to recipes with darker coloured essential oils as they are more likely to stain fabrics, rugs and carpets. Spritz the room spray well above any light fabrics or rugs. As well, take care not to spritz your DIY room spray on or near wood furniture.